Nike Running Fall/Holiday 2010 Greater China Media Summit | Event Recap

By - July 25th, 2010

Nike Running  Fall/Holiday 2010  Greater China Media Summit | Event Recap

While soccer has dominated most of the world’s cardio-vascular activity (yes, we do believe cheering counts as cardio if you do it long and hard enough), after Spain had taken home the much coveted 2010 FIFA World Cup trophy, Nike unwinds from all the FIFA action and brings in a little orthodox tender loving care for all by reintroducing running as its Fall/Holiday 2010 focus. Freshness had just returned from Nike Running’s Fall/Holiday 2010 Greater China Media Summit held in Shanghai, at the revamped historical Shanghai 1933, which was first built in 1893 as a slaughter house and is now revived into a creative space for events, exhibitions, shopping, offices and more.

Running is one of the most aged, and most easily accessible sport there is. However, in an attempt to refresh running and provide an alternative point of view to a sport which has evolved from a pure cardiovascular activity into something more transcendent and spiritual, Nike aims to re-energize running by introducing an alternative point of view and also support its cause with new technology and key products.

The key technology for Fall/Holiday 2010 is the Dynamic Support (DS) system designed by Daisuke Furuya (one of the earliest developers of the technology). The DS system has been built into several key products including the Lunar Eclipse+ and the Lunar Glide+ II. Aside from the Lunar kicks, there will also be a Visibility Pack and a Race Pack, in addition to the incorporation of Lunar Glide+ II into the NIKEiD line-up.

For those unfamiliar with the DS technology, it is a simple execution of complicated science. Basically, soft core foam has been bonded together to create increased support and adaptivity. As such, the DS is both runner specific and run specific. When used in the Lunar Eclipse+, a new panel known as the Floating heel support clip is attached to the DS soft core foam. This, support now extends from midsole all the way to the sockliner and heel, to increase range of support for an even broader range of runners. Also, a new bottomless carrier construction with a firmer carrier foam helps to improve flexibility of soles. When incorporated with the two-layer construction sock-liner, cushioning is significantly ameliorated.

For the media launch event, 25 key media from the Greater China region has been invited to a few happenings including the , premium product presentation and providing alternative running point of view; a try-on event; 2K Run on the Bund; and a Nike Lunar Glide+ II iD session.

Check out images from the event, and you will perhaps soon feel the need to pick up your shoes to head outside from a quick jog, with nothing to perfect, no one to surpass, and no one to please except you.

Nike Running  Fall/Holiday 2010  Greater China Media Summit | Event Recap

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