New Balance 574 Sonic | Available Now

By - July 27th, 2010

New Balance 574 Sonic | Available Now

A key characteristic among the best designers is their uncanny ability to improvisation. This lateral thinking skill gives way to not only new products, but also cost effectiveness. Before investing capital on new machinery or re-tooling old ones, New Balance China’s Jenny Chen and Mad Johnson went shopping for irons and hairdryers instead. All to provide a proof of concept that new Sonic Weld production method actually works. Indeed, it did perfectly.

By molding the classic 574 under enormous heat and pressure, the designers at New Balance were able to formulate the 574 Sonic (or 574 Sonic Welded), a completely seamless sneaker which still bear resemblances to New Balance trainers of old. Unlike its traditional counterparts, there are no stitching, no glue. Instead, you find a airtight, watertight footwear both durable and lightweight. Available in 3 colorways of Black/Turquoise, Grey/Lime and Brown/Orange at Enlgand’s size? retail chain.

Style: 25348
Color: Grey/Lime

Style: 25189
Color: Black/Turquoise

Style: 25347
Color: Brown/Orange

New Balance 574 Sonic | Available Now

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