adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi (kzk) – Fall/Winter 2010 – Kids’ Collection

By - July 29th, 2010

This will be a parenting dilemma– do you think your child is more of a Filthy Lucre kind of guy, or will he grow up to be a little wild and and enjoys the spotlight? After showing you the children’s collection from adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott with miniature versions of the JS Wings and track suit, adidas Originals by Originals Kazuki Kuraishi has also collaborated with LUKER By NEIGHBORHOOD to create some mini-me items as well. The collaborative Superstar 80s have been reworked to fit the infants and trotting toddlers, and– just because things are getting smaller doesn’t mean details are getting sacrificed. Everything from the logo to collab tongue tag has been retained. On the apparel side, t-shirts and track suits have also been shrunken to fit. These will be hitting stores in August as well, so you will have a few moments to consider if you want the little one to be more flamboyant like Jeremy Scott, or a little understated like Kuraishi and LUKER by NEIGHBORHOOD.