Robert Lazzarini x OriginalFake – Capsule Collection

By - July 29th, 2010

OriginalFake has taken up a new collaborator this season and found a friend in American artist, Robert Lazzarini, who is known for his distorted and expressive work. While some of Lazzarini’s previous exhibitions have been known to challenge the viewer’s concept of art, his work with OriginalFake challenges the consumer’s understanding of collaboration as the capsule collection features items rarely used in collaborative work. Case in point: aside from your traditional graphic t-shirts, there are boxers, dog collars, leash and well, on a less exciting note, belts. Nevertheless, check out Lazzarini’s interpretation of the OriginalFake characters and of what he thinks a pair of OriginalFake drawers should look like. These will be hitting INVINCIBLE this coming Saturday at 2PM.