SOPHNET. – Fall/Winter 2010 – Collection

By - July 30th, 2010

All tied up and confused– or all tied up, mixed up, with a sense of purpose? For Fall/Winter 2010, SOPHNET. brings in various elements of menswear that used to reside on different planes and bring them together into one single dimension. Mixing child-like colors with the learned cardigan, top it over with a bow-tie, teen dream denim and cap it off with a baseball hat? Sure, that could work. Or, if liberal mixing and matching is not quite your cup of tea, the military neutrals gets a tailored touch for a sense of refined ruggedness in slimmer silhouettes. Are dress-shirts battle ready? Absolutely, just mix in some camouflage panels and you are all set. With different influences pulling the collection in all directions being the directional for this season, it’s no wonder the boys in the look book seem to be caught right between determined and lost. Perhaps, stylistic versatility and creative freedom is what everyone’s aiming for.