Casio G-Shock – Shock The World Press Preview | New York City

By - August 3rd, 2010

Press, both foreign and local, gathered yesterday afternoon at the majestic Manhattan Center for 2010 Casio G-Shock Shock The World Press Preview. By far the largest event of its kind for G-Shock, it also exhibited the franchise’s continue success, despite of economic downturn in recent years.   On hand were several models, updated for 2010, along with the unveiling of new collaborations, including a second rendition of classic DW-5500 with New York City’s staple, ALIFE.  Several new models were introduced as well, such as the GX-56, by far the largest and toughest G-Shock created thus far. As a last minute preparation for their very own collaboration, Dee, of design twins Dee & Ricky, stopped by to spruce up their G-Shock GA110DR-1A with samurai swords and nun-chucks made of LEGO.  Of course only after some mock sword play among their friends.