Don't Feed The Swedes - Spray Nozzle Cap Stool

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Laughing out loud already? Don't worry, you are not the only one. When Don't Feed The Swedes first created the prototype of their whimsically hilarious oversize spray nozzle cap stool, some thought this was more so fashion than design and didn't want to make it. Then, the guys over at DFTS showed it to the fashion folks, the style conscious loved it but didn't know how to make furniture, so nothing happened. Thus, DFTS was born to take things into their own hands, and these funny stools modeled after spray nozzle caps were born, and are now finally available for purchase to decorate your home.

If you think this is just a cap though, you might be slightly mistaken. According to the co-founder of DFTS, Andreas Aaltonen, this cap is more than a cap. It is a homage to the art of graffiti. Does this remind anyone else of Jasper John's work? Is an oversized nozzle cap a nozzle cap?

On another interesting note, reacting against the problems of overproduction and overconsumption in the design world, DFTS only intends to release designs with timing they see fit instead of following the traditional seasonal schedule.

Want one? You can order your very own nozzle stool now at DFTS. via: CH