ASR Marketplace 2010 – WeSC – Spring 2011 Apparel + Accessories | Preview

By - August 14th, 2010

Aside from an exciting debut footwear collection, WeSC pushes into Spring 2011 with a fresh line-up of apparel and accessories, both audio and decorative. Some key styles we spotted include a cool taken on the M65 military jacket in a darker tan with gold trimmings, and a cream leather varsity bomber with a slight touch of gold on the zippers as well. In terms of collaborations, WeSC has brought on FATSARAZZI, a key figure in London urban culture/photographer/artist extraordinaire for a capsule collaboration.

The capsule collaborative collection comprises of a set of headphones (packaged with a disposable camera because FATSARAZZI is also a renowned photographer), and a light molten wool collared jacket rendered in a retro London underground style in simple black with yellow accents on ribbed cuffs and embroidered logo patches. The lining features a mash up of photography by FATSARAZZI of the WeSC crew, and the images can be found on headphones and the disposable camera as well.

Aside from apparel, there is also a line-up of new headphone models, including one intriguing looking, flat, angular pair with rubber ear pads that delivers a surprisingly powerful sound.