ASR Marketplace 2010 – Nixon – Spring 2011

By - August 15th, 2010

ASR Marketplace 2010   Nixon   Spring 2011

And last but not least for our segment on ASR Market Place 2010, which wrapped today in San Diego, is the Spring 2011 collection of accessories from Nixon. Nixon started out winning the spotlight in the lifestyle timepiece industry with interesting new ways of reading time, and most memorably, the Newton. This season though, some key pieces we have seen from Nixon takes a trip down the memory lane with time (all different kinds of pun can be liberally applied as wish), and goes for a little old-world, purist styling with burnished brass and chrome frames with leather straps. Granted, some are a little dressy and some are adapted from sports watches, but putting the youthful Nixon touch on the upcoming collection, Nixon gives the faces an oversized treatment to keep designs timely and urban. Take a sneak peek and stay tuned for more release information and complete collection overview to come!

ASR Marketplace 2010   Nixon   Spring 2011

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