World Basketball Festival – Kobe Bryant Appearances | Event Recap

By - August 16th, 2010

True his nickname, the Black Mamba, the 5-time NBA Champion Kobe Bryant took on a stealthy persona this past Saturday as he made his way to Ruckers Park in Harlem for Chainlink Fundamentals, a grassroot basketball outreach program for under served youth. Soon enough, the Twitter lit up like old fashion message board with rumor of possible sightings all over New York City as the 3rd day of World Basketball Festival got underway. Indeed, after several hours of one-on-one training sessions with participants at Ruckers Park, number 24 discreetly slipped away only to appear for a brief meet and greet session at NikeTown NY just minutes later. This sleight of hand occurrence made many media attendees wonder, is there a Bryant doppelganger? or has he found a way to tele-transport?