FAILE – FAILE Temple | Lisbon, Portugal

By - August 18th, 2010

It might be counter-intuitive, to take on a large scale art installation during one of the worst economic down turn in memory. However, for Brooklyn-base creative collective, FAILE, that standard operating procedure falls by the sideline. Simply known as “Temple” and located at the heart of Praça dos Restauradores Square in Lisbon, the project took part as Portugal Arte 10 Festival. In the form of a religious ruin, the complete build-up was one filled with controversies and antagonistic nature, crossing the once vaulted icons with obscene street art and statements. Just the opposite to the duo that made up FAILE, who saw the structure not as half destroyed but half build, the details not as blasphemous but an inclusion of objects from daily lives. The Temple is a also a testament to new creative process, of which FAILE pushed the boundaries of what was possible.

The Temple by FAILE will begin to tour around the world after August in major art exhibitions or as a stand-alone installation. Check the collective official site for updates to come.

Marianne Gee
Marianne Gee

Thank you for posting this, and thank you FAILE for your hard work to this project!