141 Eyewear – “You Buy, We Give”

By - August 24th, 2010

141 Eyewear   You Buy, We Give

There are many gifts we can bestow upon another person, but there is nothing quite as simple yet at times, as unattainable as the gift of health. Currently, there are more than 153 million people who need the corrective glasses but cannot afford it or have no means to purchase it. As such, in comes 141 Eyewear, a for-profit eyewear maker who, very much like TOMS, advocates giving away a pair of glasses to those who need it when one is purchased.

It is a easy, charitable solution to one of the world’s many problems, but making a difference is as simple as making a choice– a choice of where to get your next pair of glasses. With 141, there is no need to worry about sacrificing style, as everything is lovingly handcrafted in Japan, delivering a timeless, classic aesthetic. Check out the collection from 141, and do remember, sometimes, making a difference can be as simple as making a click and a choice.

141 Eyewear   You Buy, We Give

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