Jordan Brand – Holiday 2010 – “Uncompromised” Lookbook With Wale & Lee England Jr.

By - August 27th, 2010

Where as during the World Basketball Festival, it was For The Love Of The Game, for Holiday 2010, Jordan Brand looks toward the influence of music for its lookbook inspiration. Titled Uncompromised, the image catalog featured the styled of 2 artists, Lee England Jr., a classically trained violin phenom with 3 musical degrees, and Wale, a Freshness Feature profile and Washington D.C. native who propelled himself through the industry with plenty of sweats and tears.

With the help of stylist Derek S. Roche and photographer Andy Brett, the Uncompromised tells the story of England Jr. and Wale’s passions for music as well as the urban landscape as they dove troves of musical instruments, cd, and old fashion vinyl through the many forgotten back alley storefronts. Serving as the backdrop is the lasting friendships between 2 artists with very different background with a similar passion in their craft, that of music. Uncomprised by Jordan Brand for Holiday 2010 Collection. Enjoy!