chill.and.go.2 – FUTURA x Xghetto666 Live Painting

By - August 30th, 2010

chill.and.go.2 is an large scale cyclist event held in Mexico, organized by Mexico Fixed and it encompasses a wide variety of events including Bicinema (Bicycle Cinema), Art Show, Art Gallery, Alley Cat and Bike Polo. It was held last week over a few days, and one of the headlining event was the live painting session by ex-messenger/graffiti artist, FUTURA, and local masked artist Xghetto666. The duo’s canvas of choice was not a bike, but a large bus with a more generous surface area. The two distinct styles collided over the black metal canvas, and the end result is a collaboration of aerosol art and stencil art. The festivities serve as a warm up to the upcoming, CMWC 2010 which will be held in Guatemala. photos via: Jasper Eyears