Crooks & Castles – Fall 2010 – True Romance Anti-Social Club | Lookbook 2

By - August 30th, 2010

Crooks & Castles   Fall 2010   True Romance Anti Social Club | Lookbook 2

The notion of “To Love and Lost Is Better Than Have Not Love At All” maybe a false one for those ever been in a romantic relationship. Be it a crush, one that is unrequited, a date, or the ultimate expression of romance, marriage, the supposed happiness is in actuality just a morsel of it. Instead to most of either sex, romance is a trial by fire, except there is no end in sight. For those been through this crucible or still of this journey, L.A.-base apparel label Crooks & Castles formulated the True Romance Anti-Social Club, a pictorial lookbook which not only feature the C&C’s Fall 2010 Collection (delivery 2) but an expressionless visual of those been “chew up & spit out ” by this wonderful thing call love, at least in terms of make believe. Meanwhile, all items are now available on Crooks & Castles online store and its Sunset Blvd retail location in Los Angeles.

Crooks & Castles
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Crooks & Castles   Fall 2010   True Romance Anti Social Club | Lookbook 2

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Gladys Lawson
Gladys Lawson

I really like your stuff. I manage a singer and have just finished my second novel. I’m looking to get a movie made. With regards your comment, there is nothing like real love. Fake love fades with time but real love stands with time.