Incase – iPhone 4 Monochrome Sliders | Available Now

By - August 30th, 2010

Not too long ago, iPhone 4 users were still having problems finding cool cases, and their choices were limited to AT&T’s small selection, or random cases that don’t quite do their jobs from vendors speckling the streets of Chinatown. And it was during that time we questioned, “When will Incase be releasing new cases for iPhone 4?”. Sure, Incase has several options available already, but it is not till now that the popular color-splashed Monochrome Slider cases have been released for iPhone 4 owners. The Monochrome Slider Cases come in three shades, Metallic Ink, Grape and Blueberry. Each has a metallic, soft-touch coated top and a matching chrome bottom piece. Order yours now from Incase!