Casio G-Shock – September 2010 | New Releases

By - August 31st, 2010

Isn’t it strange that by the time you’re starting to settle down for the summer, it quickly dissipates into thin air?  Well, maybe this will make you look forward to the Fall.  Introducing the new G-Shock collection from Casio for the month of September , eight entries including a completely new model series, the G-001.  By the inclusion of crucial components, including those from the DW-001 Series, developers at Casio were able to facilitate the G-001, a timepiece with close resemblance though in appearance only.  With a 20-Bar water resistance, 48 cities world time, stop watch, alarms, and more… the G-001 is a completely new animal on the inside.  Available in 4 vibrant colors and at Casio G-Shock retailers across Japan, the new releases from Casio G-Shock for the month of September will arrive here in the US in the coming weeks.