Padfoot iPad Stand

By - August 31st, 2010

There are a few problems with iPad stands– sometimes they are too bulky, and sometimes, when without the bulk, it is just not stable enough. Michel Cornelissen, the man who brought us the iPod Shuffle Necklace, has once again returned to tackle another Apple product with new accessories, and this time around, he gives the world a small but mightly Padfoot iPad Stand. Logging in at a feather weight 15 grams, this little half cylindrical, pill-looking, stand is negligible in both weight and form. Aside from the minimal weight and bulk, the Padfoot iPad Stand also allows your iPad to enjoy multiple poses– laid horizontal, vertical, standing up or laying down. These come in four shades, black, white and candy pink and green. They are available now for purchase via Shapeways.

Skicka Present
Skicka Present

Looks really nice! But how much does it take to knock the Ipad over? Let's say your on a train, where there is vibrations and stuff. Will this little think still keep the iPad in place?