Dior Homme x Guy Ritchie – “Un Rendez Vous” Featuring Jude Law | Video

By - September 8th, 2010

After Chanel pulled in Martin Scorcese to direct its Chanel de Bleu campaign and Gucci got a hold of Frank Miller, it seems as though short films are the way to go for promoting scents this year. Dior Homme has also hopped on the wagon and brought on board Guy Ritchie for its Dior Homme cologne. Titled “Un Rendez Vous”, the surrealist short features Jude Law getting ready in a dimly lit hotel room, on his way to rendez vous with the lovely Michaela Kocianova. The short is shot in montages, and it carries a slight film noir edge, with the truth unveiling at the very end for the audience. Was it her? Or was it a ghost? Or a mere fragment of imagination resurrected from olfactory reminder? Take a look at the video after the jump to find out. via: juncture

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Butts McCracken
Butts McCracken

He's doing an impression of Terence Stamp in Modesty Blaise. The original at least was funny on purpose.