Subcrew x Casio G-Shock – Sharkmarine Watch Launch Party | Event Recap

By - September 9th, 2010

It was humid as usual in Hong Kong and the air was thick, however that did not stop the celebrities and party goers to unite and celebrate the launch of the Subcrew x Casio G-Shock Sharkmarine watch. In line with the Sharkmarine theme, the invitation only party was held on a cruise boat that cruised on the scenic Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong. As the neon lights sparkled on the vast sky scrapers, the drinks were being poured as warm up acts get the music going.

At the back of the boat was a display that showcased the range of new Casio G-Shock models and the Sharkmarine models which were all carefully arranged inside an aquarium. A wall of monochromatic photographs paid homage to the Subcrew members and Hong Kong street scenery. Open space on the upper deck provided a 360 degrees view of Hong Kong while the enclosed main deck below was packed with people on the dance floor. DJ Becareful (Subcrew co-owner Sam Lee), DJ Miss Yellow and DJ Ma Sir kept the crowd going with uptempo beats uplifting the party to another level. A rush of thunderstorm and heavy rain came just in time at the end of the cruise, as the cruise boat docked and the guests disappeared into the dark Hong Kong night. Photos by SWKit/A-Vibe