Jun Watanabe – Mr. Bottle Head Frangance Candle

By - September 24th, 2010

An image usually speaks volumes. Unfortunately, we went through a “lost in translation” moment till the fine prints arrived. To unwind after a stressful workweek, Jun Watanabe, graphic designer and Creative Director for ZOZOTOWN online shopping network, likes to unwind with the help aromatherapy. However, frustrations begin to sets in when he realized there is always morsel of the expensive scented oil left over. As a remedy, he created Mr. Bottle Head, scented candles, instead of oil, that will not end its aromatherapy benefit prematurely. As a form of protest and mockery, the candle shaped like those bottled of very expensive scent oil Watanabe used to purchase. The candle also featured the Mime like design, a signature of Watanabe. Comes in 4 scents in color-coded sequence jasmine (black), lavender (blue), orange (orange), and rose (pink), all are available at ZOZOHOME online shop in Japan.