OriginalFake x MEDICOM TOY KAWS Tweety | Release Information

By - September 24th, 2010

OriginalFake x MEDICOM TOY  KAWS Tweety | Release Information

You might as well call him the “modern day King Midas”. It seems like whatever artist http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS create these days, from his http://original-fake.com” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake apparel line to his artworks, even his oddly charming beer bottle designs, it sells out almost instantaneously. Most recent on this roster of collectibles are the duo figurines of http://warnerbros.com” target=”_blank”>Warner Brothers‘ http://looneytunes.kidswb.com” target=”_blank”>Looney Tunes caricature, http://www2.warnerbros.com/tweety” target=”_blank”>Tweety. Comes in the feathery companion to Granny‘s original canary yellow coat, or KAWS touch of matte black, both comes with KAWS’ “X” eyes and a posture in covering their eyes. Available today (Asia is a day ahead) on raffle basis at http://invincible.com.tw” target=”_blank”>INVINCIBLE of Taipei or http://original-fake.com” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake flagship store in Tokyo. The limited edition figures will then make their ways to other international retailers in the coming weeks. And despite his high pitch voice, curled eye lashes, and bright blue eyes, Tweety is a boy.

Release Date: September 25th (Saturday)

1F., No.3, Alley 35, Lane 181, Sec. 4, Jhongsiao E. Rd., | http://maps.google.com.tw/maps?f=q&hl=zh-TW&geocode=&q=%E5%8F%B0%E5%8C%97%E5%B8%82%E5%A4%A7%E5%AE%89%E5%8D%80%E5%BF%A0%E5%AD%9D%E6%9D%B1%E8%B7%AF4%E6%AE%B5181%E5%B7%B735%E5%BC%84&sll=25.042928,121.539612&sspn=0.01007,0.019999&ie=UTF8&ll=25.045034,121.55194&spn=0.009545,0.014591&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr” target=”_blank”>Map
Da-an District, Taipei City Taiwan
TEL #: +886-2-8771-9958

5-3-25 Minami-Aoyama Oh Bldg. B1 FL | http://maps.google.com/maps?q=%E6%9D%B1%E4%BA%AC%E9%83%BD%E6%B8%AF%E5%8C%BA%E5%8D%97%E9%9D%92%E5%B1%B15-3-25&ie=UTF8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&t=h&z=16&iwloc=addr” target=”_blank”>Map
Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
TEL #: +81-03-3499-3333

OriginalFake x MEDICOM TOY  KAWS Tweety | Release Information

OriginalFake x MEDICOM TOY  KAWS Tweety | Release Information