RIP CURL Mirage Boardshorts – The Matrix Bullet Time Surf Sequence | Video

By - October 2nd, 2010

For the world’s best boardshorts, surfing supplier RIP CURL wanted a marketing campaign that was also in par, or in RIP CURL Creative Director James Taylor’s words “…really blow people’s minds…” Indeed, the results produced by 52 Canon DSLR cameras were truly mind blowing. Participated by team surfers Mick Fanning, Owen Wright, Matt Wilkinson and Steph Gilmore, RIP CURL worked in conjunction with TIMESLICE Films, a pioneer in the so-called Camera Array Effects, to composed the video campaign for RIP CURL Mirage Boardshorts. The product was a 1-minute video filled with stunning 3D sequences, or better known as “Bullet Time”, popularized by the film The Matrix. See the resulted sequence along with a behind-the-scene clip as the film markers dealt with unpredictable elements of Mother Nature. Enjoy! via: Planet5D

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
Carl Razazi
Carl Razazi

If you haven't watched the vid yet for some reason, be sure to watch.. and if you've already watched it.. watch it again!!