Etnies Holiday 2010 Rider Collection

By - October 4th, 2010

Etnies is gearing up to release a brand new Holiday apparel collection inspired by the design specifications from three of their finest pro skaters; Ryan Sheckler, Mikey Taylor, and Devine Calloway. The Holiday Collection aims to offer styles and fits that are just as diverse as the skating of the signature athletes. For instance, Mikey Taylor’s button ups focus on comfort, while Devin’s appear to have a sharper classic look, and Ryan’s take more of the minimalist approach. No matter your preferred style, Etnies is looking to have something geared toward you this coming Holiday season.

Ryan Sheckler – Etnies Holiday 2010 Rider Collection

Devine Calloway – Etnies Holiday 2010 Rider Collection

Mikey Taylor – Etnies Holiday 2010 Rider Collection

Matt S
Matt S

Nice to see some threads from Mikey in the Etnies collection.. I'm a fan of that Red Shirt already.. Maybe should have covered his pro shoes to compliment this little selection? The M.Taylor and the Taylor LS have been pretty popular here in Ireland... Matt