Dickies x UNDERCOVER – Isetan Men’s Special Collection

By - October 5th, 2010

Dickies x UNDERCOVER 2

Dickies are definitely the work wear of choice for many street aficionados, be them skaters, rappers, cyclists, rockers or mechanics. For the style, everyone will agree that the Dickies are rugged and tough, which is the appeal of Dickies brand. Japanese cult fashion brand UNDERCOVER was invited to partake in a special collection, “Less is More? More is Less?” for Isetan Men’s department store curated by Gemma Daisuke.

Jun Takahashi has transformed the rough and tough exterior of the work wear into modern pieces by using slimmer fitting silhouettes that are unconventional for Dickies. Two pants and two tops are produced utilizing classic Dickies colors– black, navy, khaki and beige. All of the items are sold exclusively at Isetan Men’s store and Isetan Men’s online store only.

Cut and Sew with Stole Beige

Cut and Sew with Stole Beige 2

Cut and Sew with Stole Black

Cut and Sew with Stole Black 2

Cut and Sew with Stole Black 3