686 x Levi’s Trucker Denim Snowboard Jacket | Available Now

By - October 6th, 2010

686 x Levis Trucker Denim Snowboard Jacket | Available Now

In the establishment of 686 Technical Apparel, skater/snowboard Michael Akria West can fully appreciate the nimbleness his small snowboard outfitter enjoys in comparison to the larger competitors. An example of such “outside the box” thinking is the Times Collection (the ubiquitous “X” icon between collaborators is now a multiplication symbol), inspired by West’s fascinations with sneakers and vintage clothing. This leads to the latest design with Levi’s a Trucker Jacket inspired snowboard jacket made of actual Levi’s denim. Cut and sewn similarly to a Trucker Jacket, the fabric was treated with Infinidry and layered with other synthetic fabric. Insulated with 60-gram of insulation, the interior is finished with printed satin lining and taped seams. Removable powder skirt, vents, and enough pockets to store all your belongings and your friends’ too. Currently available at Caliroots store in Stockholm and other 686 Technical Apparel dealers.

Style: L0W101
Color: Indigo Twill Denim

Cali Store
Brunnsgatan 9 | Map
11138 Stockholm, Sweden
TEL #: +46-8-5684-9908

686 x Levis Trucker Denim Snowboard Jacket | Available Now

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Hi I was extremely interested in getting this jacket but I haven't been able to find it for sale any where. Is there a website where it is for sale or is it not out on the market. Thanks


@james Hi, James

I was looking around to find some information about this jacket's fabric composition to describe it within my eBay listing and came across your comment. If you're still looking for this type of jacket, I have one in a size XL...