Nissan GT-R – 2012 Model

By - October 19th, 2010

How do you make an already perfect automobile even better? Just ask the engineers at automaker Nissan, who were able to improve the GT-R sports coupe for the 2010 model year. Through minor tweaks and additions, they squeezed out every last millimeters of performance. Through an improved front bumper, back end, and new Hyper Blue Black Chrome wheels quipped with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600 DSST CTT, the 2012 GT-R now has a drag co-efficient of only 0.26, along with a 10% increase of downforce. Additional improvements were made on the powerplant as well. Now the Twin-Turbo V6 produce 530 PS (390 kW / 523 bhp) and 612 Nm (451 lb-ft), an increase of 38 PS and 23 Nm. Thus, fuel efficiency improves to 20 miles per gallon. A new four-wheel drive system permits deactivation if the car is traveling less than 6 mph and steering wheel is turned more than half way in one direction. New strut bar and suspension means a speedy ride with premium comfort.

However, if the standard issue is not an option for you, there is the GT-R SpecV model, with “overboost” to pump the already high torque output to 632 Nm (466 lb-ft). For those looking for more luxurious appointment, the GT-R Egoist model fits the bill, premium leather interior, a custom Wajima Maki-e lacquerware steering wheel emblem, and a Bose sound system tuned to each driver’s seating position.

While there are no plans for GT-R SpecV and GT-R Egoist to be available in North America just yet, the standard Nissan GT-R 2012 Model will make its official debut in Los Angeles Auto Show next month with availability for purchase in early Spring of 2011. via: WCF

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adhi guererro

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