Athletic Propulsion Labs Concept 1 – First Sneakers Banned By NBA

By - October 20th, 2010

Even though it can be all about technology and who can geek out better in the realm of performance sneakers (check out Nike’s Research Lab to see just how technical it can get), the big brothers of NBA has spoken, and there can be such a thing as too technical. Athletic Propulsion Labs has managed to create the first pair of sneakers to be banned by the NBA. The Concept 1 features ALP’s “Load N’ Launch” technology, which according to NBA release, gives its wearer an “unfair competitive advantage” because it increases the wearer’s vertical leap.

Just because it has been banned by the NBA doesn’t mean the Concept 1 won’t be selling through the roof now with an exciting taboo to boost its sales. If you feel like ruling all pick up games from now on and dunking to your heart’s content, these are yours for just 300 beans grown in the US of A here. via: Yahoo

Carl Razazi
Carl Razazi

THAT IS AWESOME.. LOL! Maybe instead of the K-Swiss Tubes I should think about getting these now.. I guess I do want to improve my 'vertical launch'