ato – Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

By - October 20th, 2010

ato ss11 1

ato may be known for making sneakers in our world, their chunky, challenging sky-high tops with oversized velcro straps being one of the forerunners of the popular street silhouette. To that note, Kanye West’s work with Louis Vuitton had been inspired by ato’s designs as well. Just showcased at Japan Fashion Week is ato’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Matsumoto, the man behind the label, had decided to scrape women’s collection for the season and stick to men’s for its return to the runway. The collection takes off from the collegiate standpoint, and then goes through a series of transformation and grows into a more rebellious, then tailored collection. Think opening with classic collegiate crewneck sweat shirts that have been customized with sleeves removed, school boy blazers adorned with more bondage tough straps, then ceding over to darkness with aviator jackets remixed with sharper lapels and multiple layering collars, and finally ending on gothic notes with capes trimmed with leather, layered over slim black suits. via: FS

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