size? x Trainerspotter x PUMA Sky II High Biomega Bicycle

By - October 21st, 2010

As a part of size?’s 10th Anniversary celebration, PUMA had chimed in for the UK retailer and not only contributed a tri-collaborative sneaker along with Trainerspotter, but had also released a collaborative set of bicycles from PUMA’s Biomega bicycle range. Like the sneaker, the PUMA Sky High, the bicycle is an existing model from PUMA’s Biomega range, and has been specially colored to pay tribute to Trainerspotter and size?’s aesthetics, and also took cues from the 80’s cult television series, Miami Vice.

The bicycle comes in two colorways, one in an iridescent red, and the other in grey pastel finish with flashes of pink and mint on rim and wheels, nodding to Sonny Crockett’s pastel cotton t-shirts and Versace outfits, and also, Trainerspotter’s style. The bicycles are currently up for display at size?’s Covent Garden location, and is up for wins!


This crackeid bar aesthetic needs to be stamped out with extreme prejudice