Starstyling x Casio G-Shock – Montre G-Shock | Available Now

By - October 21st, 2010

When sergeant major of the watches division meets with sergeant major of the German fashion design division, it is often an unpredictable congregation but it is always a pleasure. Casio G-Shock recently met and joined forces with German fashion designer Starstyling to generate an incredibly delectable collection, the Starstyling G-Shock. The collection is a special limited edition, featuring 20 personality-filled distinctive watches.

Casio has an extensive past in reaching out and collaborating with others, as seen recently in their teamwork with Tom Sachs and Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force. What makes this line so unique? Starstyling took the liberty of using current existing Casio watches and customized bracelets, and used the latter as watchbands to create a collection that will definitely turn heads and get the attention it deserves.

These vivacious Starstyling G-Shock watches are available now at Colette.


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