adidas Originals OT Tech Backpack – Inspired By adidas Originals OT Tech Hiker Boots | Available Now

By - October 26th, 2010

Inspirations for a design could come from anywhere. In the case of the OT Tech collection, adidas Originals took the fun aspects of Tokyo and transcribe them in splash of colors and vibrant patterns. There is one additional input, however, for the OT Tech Backpack the OT Tech Hiker Boots. Like that of the Jordan AJ 11 Pinnacle Backpack (Inspired By Air Jordan XI Cool Grey), the OT Tech Backpack bears almost all the similarities as in its boots form forebearer. In place of the tumbled leather, much of the pack is in strength canvas, but still with imprints of small white crosses. A streak of aqua blue across the upper portion doubles as a seamless zip compartment. Retention cords, which allow the bag to expand for more storage, are the exact replicas of the OT Tech Hiker Boots’ laces, right down to the speed lace eyelets. Padded breathable back panel and removable cellphone case, the OT Tech Backpack will be another wanted item this holiday season. Especially for those with OT Tech Hiker Boots to match.