Acronym – Fall 2010 Collection

By - October 27th, 2010

Acronym   Fall 2010 Collection

Acronym is one of the rare gems that has brought a surprisingly technical touch to their apparel. And in terms of technical, we are not just talking about slapping some Gore-tex and ballistic nylon onto items and calling it a day. Acronym has actually been delivered acclaimed projects, such as the Analog MD Clone Jacket, which had been voted one of the coolest inventions of the year by Time Magazine. Acronym, is not just about making, it is about inventing.

This season, Acronym continues to dress men in highly technical outerwear and equip them with accessories of matching capabilities and functions. Shell trenches, track jackets and windbreakers have been tailored in a jigsaw of panels to facilitate motion, and of course, protect its wearer from all elements. Aside from jackets, the collection also features messenger bags with sturdy buckled traps. via: FNG

Acronym   Fall 2010 Collection