T-Mobile MyTouch 4G – Hands On

By - October 28th, 2010

For those of you who follow Freshness Live, you might have already seen a few teaser live photos from the T-Mobile myTouch 4G media demonstration yesterday. Two of the main selling features demoed include video chats over the mobile network or WiFi and the ability to stream music, photos, videos and even YouTube videos wirelessly to another DLNA certified product such as a TV. In case you are wondering, DLNA stands for The Digital Living Network Alliance which has a common goal of creating standards-based technology to make it easier for consumers to use and share, photos, music and videos. So the myTouch 4G can wirelessly stream music, photos or videos to a DLNA certified HDTV. There are quite a few other interesting features of the new myTouch 4G which will hit stores November 3rd from T-Mobile so check out our review below.

  • T-Mobile has definitely put an effort into creating unique packaging, the myTouch comes in a glossy slip cover over a nice soft shell zipper case. Once unzipped the phone and accessories are neatly held together with custom cut soft foam. The out of the box experience is amazing!

  • The myTouch 4G comes in 4 colors, including white (shown), black, plum and red. For those in the sneaker world might notice that the plum and red devices matches up to Nike’s “eggplant” and “cranberry” colors. The size and weight of the phone is similar to the Incredible but slightly slimmer than the HTC Surround.

Anthony L Beal
Anthony L Beal

Love the review it was simple and elegant, unlike other reviews with just to much rambling... Thanx!