Dave White – Rodeo Rider Mural | AOL Headquarter In New York City

By - November 2nd, 2010

How can you tell the caliber of an artist? Some would say it is the accuracy of the replication, like those of the street corner portraitists, who are able to reproduce line by line a photo-realistic personal image. Other would say it is the ability of the to “lure and tease” their inner muse outward, meaning an exact projection of their conception, their thoughts, their souls. Artist Dave White is such.

As part of his “Americana-American West” series, White, commissioned by Internet service giant AOL, to create a large scale mural at its headquarter in New York City. A composition literally in motion, the mural depicted a rodeo rider taming a bronco, in mediums of acrylic, spray paint, and stencil. As part of the recently created AOL Artists initiative, White joins fellow Brit artist Jon Burgerman and 40+ other designers and artists in establishing a new brand identity for the online pioneer. Aside from this current series, White also hinted on more works to come in the theme that got him a worldwide following sneakers. Stay tune for more information to come in the near future.

roycer 700
roycer 700

I like Dave White's work but it Looks like he's ripping off Richard Hambleton with this one