100 ATHLETIC – Stretch Warm Up Jacket

By - November 3rd, 2010

100 ATHLETIC   Stretch Warm Up Jacket

Many speculate that MMA fighter Caol Uno would retire from the ring completely after his failed title attempts the last 2 years. That may not be the case just yet. In our conversation with Caol Uno in 2009, the champ talked about the collation between his clothing labels and himself as a fighter, that the former was a reflection of latter. Hence, the recent debut of 100 ATHLETIC, a new wear label by Uno and Company, may mark the opening salvo of his tactic in the ring.

Instead of the much practiced “performance lifestyle” approach, 100 ATHLETIC is purely a performance wear brand. Only after all performance elements are addressed would the designers go back and incorporate the lifestyle aspects to the design. The result is a highly functional apparel, such as the Stretch Warm Up Jacket, where a 3-ply construction provide the necessary resistance to the elements yet hint of elasticity and 3M Thinsulate lining give the wearer a full of motion in addition to warmth. The 100 ATHLETIC Collection is now available at Uno-Caol Showten online store and other UNC dealers across Japan.

100 ATHLETIC   Stretch Warm Up Jacket