adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott Party | Mexico City

By - November 8th, 2010

Last week, Jeremy Scott brought his entourage to Mexico City for a little fiesta, and celebrated with a saccharine and craziness drenched adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott party. The crew who came out to celebrate with Scott included the Cool Cats, with Busy P spotting a in-your-face “BUSY P WTF” hat. Mark The Cobra Snake snapped the party photos. Cue animal prints, three-tongues, crazy colors, sequins, sequins, sequins, and of course, the Trefoil. Check out a photo recap of the event which only seem to translate one underlying sentiment– “too bad you weren’t here”.

If you feel like living vicariously through the party sound bytes, visit ZEMMOA to download the party tracks for that night!


We love JS!!! Coooooool! Yabe