Lexus - Hiromu Naruse Tribute | Video

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Hiromu Naruse

Toyota veteran Hiromu Naruse once said 'the flavor of a car is created on the track' and he had continued to inspire and shape the sports cars that came out from Toyota for over forty seven years. A true motor sport enthusiast with a passionate heart, Naruse was the back bone of the sports car segment of Toyota and Lexus brands. Some refer to him as a master of Nürburg race track, while others compare him to a master chef. Lexus have put together a special video to pay tribute to the man responsible for so many iconic classic Japanese sports car from 2000GT to Celica, Supra to IS300, and of course the recently launched Lexus LF-A. Watch the full video after the jump to learn about the man who built sports cars that you and I love and to pay respect one last time.