PUMA - Urban Hilander Collection - Winter 2010

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Urban Hilander 9

Hussein Chalayan is the man that leads the creative team at PUMA and these Urban Hilander collection is part of the broader Urban Mobility project. Uncompromisingly modern style borders somewhere between fashion footwear and athletic sneakers, where two large Velcro straps replaced the conventional shoe laces. Great textural play on the uppers also aids in creating a distinct character and the luxurious premium leather is accented by glossy material on the ankle section. The famous PUMA form stripe printed in a subtle way on the side of the shoes for a minimalist finish. Mid soles are a statement in itself drawing focus away from the uppers and grounding the sneakers firmly. Three color variations are produced in black/red, black/white and white/gray combination. via: Streething

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Urban Hilander

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