Ralph Lauren – World’s First 4-Dimensional Experience | Event Recap

By - November 11th, 2010

Ralph Lauren   Worlds First 4 Dimensional Experience | Event Recap

Even 18 hours after its debut, fashion journalists, bloggers, and affiliated media outlets are still talking about the extravaganza that took place last evening at Ralph Lauren‘s Rhinelander Mansion flagship store – the world’s first 4-Dimensional Experience. It was a celebration of innovation juxtaposed with a clear homage to traditions, or as Ralph Lauren official press release billed as “A Historic Fusion of Art, Fashion, and Technology”. In part, the event was capture the essences of what Ralph Lauren’s been doing the last 4 decades, ever pushing the boundaries be it in fashion, merchandising, marketing, and etc… Assisting in this vision is a younger Lauren, Ralph’s son David, who made it imperative to full embrace the new digital realm, like last evening presentation with the usage of architectural mapping in celebration of the 10 years RalphLauren.com been in operation. All credits, however, still have their roots with elder Lauren, who realized the untapped potential before any other luxury labels. To see the last night’s presentations at New York City and London in their entirety, see the videos after the jump.

Ralph Lauren   Worlds First 4 Dimensional Experience | Event Recap

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