Onitsuka Tiger – Fall/Winter 2010 – Tsuri Collection

By - November 12th, 2010

Onitsuka Tiger   Fall/Winter 2010   Tsuri Collection

Don’t be so quick to dismiss this as “just another plaid”, because frankly speaking, those in tune with the Japanese culture, and well, sushi and fish, might get a little bit offended. For the directional and more stylistic Fall/Winter 2010 collection from Onitsuka Tiger, the label had adopted a “Katsuo Plaid Pattern” for apparel and accessories. “Katsuo” refers to the Skipjack tuna, and the plaid pattern had been derived from the stripes found on the underbelly of the fish. The pattern was previously debuted in a teaser created by Savants Collective, and the collection is now available for purchase at select retailers such as The Good Will Out.

The line-up shows a relatively muted collection based on greens and reds, perfect autumn shades, and the bright plaid has been used to line the jackets and backpacks, and the only time they are strikingly visible are on the button down shirts. A perfect, more romantic and oriental twist on the contemporary outdoor aesthetics, these are a nice change for those who love plaid but are seeking something a little different.

Onitsuka Tiger   Fall/Winter 2010   Tsuri Collection

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