Ceramic Sneakers By Kang S. Lee

By - November 16th, 2010

Art is a reflection of the times and when Korean artist Kang S. Lee set to work on his latest series of sculptures, he decidedly went with the Nike Dunk as his theme. Currently based in Mexico City, Mexico, Lee modeled his sculptures on his own collection of Nike Dunks, many of them limited or hard to find editions. It is not just homage to the iconic piece of urban culture, but a still-form of information dispensary, an up-to-date physical commentary on the ever changing moment of sneaker culture and its surrounding. Lee is planning to expand the series to 50-100 sculptures that will include not only Nike but VANS, CONVERSE, adidas, and more. via: design-milk


That one dunk that is in the cover for the story reminds me of a Bronzed dunk that Scoop NYC had for sale at one time.