Mercedes-Benz Biome 1:1

By - November 16th, 2010

Did you know that the sun provides more energy to the earth in one hour than what all nations produce in a year? If that’s the case, should we start doing something about that and tap into a more environmentally friendly energy source? Mercedes-Benz has responded to the possibility of adapting solar power into its production and company, with a new Biome concept car, their entry into the Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge: 1000 pound car competition. The new Biome concept car is not just a sleek and mean machine which seemed to have came back from the future, but it is also designed to run on light technologies from nature.

The Biome is an ultralight vehicle which taps into solar power, stores it in chemical bonds and is also seamlessly integrated into the ecosystem. Aside from storing solar energy, Mercedes has also developed “technology to retrofit trees with receptors which can harvest their excess solar energy into a fluid in which energy is stored for the Biome, called the BioNectar4535″. Also, the Biome is possibly the first car to be grown organically, if ever produced, as its energy is stored in a grown material called BioFibre, grown in the Mercedes-Benz Nursery. The cars will then release pure oxygen into the environment, helping urban areas improve air quality.

So check out the picture, and meet the car of the future. via: NOTCOT


its a pretty nice concept the first future car i really like but how you can steer with this xD das isn richtig richtig geiles auto das erste richtige futuristische konzept das ich mag, aber wie kann man damit lenken xD