Opening Ceremony – “TRON: Legacy” Collection

By - November 17th, 2010

Opening Ceremony   TRON: Legacy Collection

If Sam Flynn took an off day from his light cycle and decided to wander the city in style, this would perhaps be his off-duty uniform. Opening Ceremony goes tres geek chic with another movie-inspired collection, this time, dipping its paintbrush in the futuristic blue palette of TRON: Legacy. The collection of apparel and accessories delivers a retro-techy palette of orange, black and blue, and adopts flexible stretch spandex for classic garments like the tulip dress and biker jacket. The references are easy to get but the styling subtle. Nothing screams, “I’m a huge nerd with a life-sized, DIY lightcycle at home”, but it speaks more of “I’m interesting and don’t let my good fashion sense trick you into thinking I don’t enjoy a little sci-fi”. The collection is currently available at Opening Ceremony, and for those who don’t live near the stores, they are also available online.

Opening Ceremony   TRON: Legacy Collection

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