Nike Sportswear Hong Kong – To Destroy is to Create | Event Recap

By - November 22nd, 2010

Nike Sportswear in Hong Kong celebrated this Holiday 2010 season’s Destroyer Jacket via an extraordinary space installation with the help of Andrea Crews and Joel Chu that marked the 2nd Anniversary of the Nike Sportswear exclusive store on 7 Park Sha Road. The experience is being called the “To Destroy is to Create” Evolution and Nike Sportswear worked with Joel Chu to “destroy and create” a new look for the retail space that is inspired by the style and culture of basketball, the result is a “massive constructin of a warped and distorted ball court”. Inside of Chu’s space are the works of French collective, Andrea Crews, who brings together various artists, fashion designers, and art-activists. Andrea Crews created their own outfit entitled, The Creator, that was destroyed and then re-created into a new avant garde shape and style; the piece is currently on display at the Nike Sportswear 7 Park Sha store and will remain on display through the end of November, 2010.