Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6) Christmas (Green Mamba) | Detailed Look

By - November 23rd, 2010

So with limited information coming from the official channel, it is quite easy to think of these Nike Zoom Kobe VI as a tribute to the upcoming remake of The Green Hornet. After all, it was the role of Cato that introduced Bruce Lee to the world. Whatever the case might be, the green (of Green Mamba) colored upper is still closely associate with the Jolly Fella in a fat suit. So be on the look out at select Nike Basketball retail outlets this holiday season and until more official information comes around, you will just have to ask for (1) Green Hornet, (2) Christmas, or (3) Green Mamba, or all the above. We’re sure (or hope) a knowledgeable sale staff will know what you’re asking for. But if you really don’t want the hassle, simply head over to MarqueeSole when its crew just got a few pairs in stock.