James Jarvis x MEDICOM TOY x Sanrio – Hello Kitty Plush & VCD Figures

By - November 24th, 2010

Those inexpressive eyes, that signature bow… there is no mistake of identity here, it’s the world’s most famous feline, Hello Kitty, but in an egg shape silhouette? That is because this is collaborative project with James Jarvis of Amos Toys. Those who are familiar with Jarvis’ work would immediately recognized the form to be that of Yod or maybe Martin X caricatures, adorned with the familiar Hello Kitty blue overall, pink bow, and tee. Available in Plush or VCD Vinyl forms, both will be on sale this Saturday, November 27th at designated MEDICOM TOY retailers and its Project 1/6 flagship in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Release Date: November 27th (Saturday)