Visvim 22L Laminaria Rucksack – Mustard | Available

By - November 25th, 2010

There probably isn’t any introduction needed for Visvim at this point, so just a few general facts: The company has a fanatical devotion to exotic materials and production quality. It maintains a nearly impenetrable mystique through it’s high concept designers and famously rigid control over distribution. Many pieces have astronomical prices, and people are begging to pay them. And while Visvim’s apparel has a cult-like following in it’s own right, the Japanese company’s shoes and bags are it’s traditional staple pieces. The latest entry from this season’s line of bags is this 22L Laminaria backpack in Mustard. This piece reflects Visvim’s recent production switch to a washed and baked composite fabric, which shares the durability of Cordura, but has a more unique textile feel. The 22L Laminaria started as a traditional camp style backpack on the drawing table, but is executed with a religious devotion for quality, with beautiful, durable, and ingenious details worked in throughout. As usual for Visvim, the bottom panel is entirely tanned Elk leather, and zippers are by RiRi – which if a zipper can have fans, it does. Usability is assisted by a laptop pocket with an elastic sleeve insert. Some of the best Visvim items are the more traditionally inspired, of which this backpack is one. There are no Visvim bargains, but if it’s love at first sight, end clothing has them in stock. Check out the detailed images after the jump.