White Mountaineering x Isetan – Mountain Parka

By - November 29th, 2010

White Mountaineering recently dropped the Mountain Parka in orange colorway as a general release and now Japanese department store giant Isetan have teamed up with White Mountaineering to produce the pastel pinstripe blue/white and pink/white versions. These two collaboration parkas are only sold at Isetan department stores and affiliated retailers and unlike the orange colorway, they are made with 100% cotton exterior material. A 100% polyester inner lining and seam taping ensures water proofing and linear pockets on the exterior results in a slick appearance. Functionality is not forgotten as the large hood is equipped with face guard that can be securely fastened by Velcro straps to protect the face and the color coded double zippers on the front opening is covered up by Velcro double flap to completely shut out cold winds. via: Isetan Men’s


Wait. These are for guys?