Jaguar 75th Anniversary C-X75 Hybrid Concept Car

By - December 2nd, 2010

Jaguar 75th Anniversary C X75 Hybrid Concept Car

Its history reads like a Greek tragedy. Once the pillar of British auto industry, Jaguar commended the enviable position as the premiere luxury car maker and the foremost innovator in acumen of performance. Unfortunately, shoddy quality in models from its latter era and poor financial dealings forced the company to change ownerships several times in the last decade. This left its design direction rudderless for sometime, but perhaps no more now. As the car company founded by Sir William Lyons approaches its 75th year, Jaguar unveiled its plan for the next 75 year with the introduction of the C-X75 Concept Vehicle.

As with the C-Type and D-Type that came before it, the C-X75 demonstrates the innovative automobile technology, starting with the powertrain, an unique hybrid propulsion system. A total output of 778-horsepower, with each wheel individually powered by a145kW (195bhp) electric motor, the centerpiece however, is a pair of micro gas-turbines, yes, actual working mini jet engines. Mid-mounted, these produce around 188-horsepower to use in 2 ways to charge batteries onboard for an extended range of 560 miles (roughly London to Berlin on a single tank) or inject additional torque to the 4 electric motors. All equates to one thing, an acceleration speed of 0-62 mph in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 205 mph.

Not only as a test platform for the drivetrain, the C-X75 Concept is also lab for automobile interiors to come. Seated just in front of the air intakes to the mini turbines, the cockpit is like that on a fighter jet, sealed and self-sufficient. While influences from past Jaguar models are obvious, the arrangements are modern and ergonomical. State of the art LED lighting provide both atmosphere and security, all on heritage appointments of bespoke leather, polished aluminum, and Neoprene accommodations. Plus, a series of high resolution TFT displays to give the driver full situational awareness. With the C-X75 Concept, Jaguar certainly pounces back from the brink of anonymity

Jaguar 75th Anniversary C X75 Hybrid Concept Car

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